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  Article written by George Matheis, founder of the Modern Combatives System.  


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Considering the big picture, man has not been around very long. Therefore we may not be the best subject to study in reference to fighting. I believe a better example can be found in the domestic cat. Yes, that's right, the fur ball lying at your feet.

Have you ever tried to sneak up on a sleeping cat? When you get close they open their eyes to let you know that they see you. That cats primal instincts are no different than his ancestors 1000 years ago or the big cats patrolling the African plains. They have built in edged weapons in their claws and teeth.

The modern warrior is just like a de-clawed house cat. He can't just walk around anymore with his weapons hanging out. But not being able to openly carry his weapons has not changed the mechanism of his attacks.

He will use his front paws to attack his prey or to defend himself when suddenly attacked until he can assess his concealed weapons, his back claws and his teeth. The same as a person using open hand techniques until they can assess a concealed gun or knife.

We need to be like the cat, always vigilant, and have total lack of hesitation when attacked. We have to immediately respond to any aggression towards us with violent overwhelming force. Notice I did not say deadly force. When grabbed from behind and pulled to the rear, you don't have time to see if it is your buddy screwing with you or criminal. You need to automatically respond with a counter attack instead of a defense.

During your attack as you take the fight to your aggressor, you can assess whether you need to escalate in force or just pin your buddy on the ground. This is just like when cats play and hold each other to the ground in comparison to being attacked by another predator. The mechanics and skills during the counter attack are the same but the level of continued force is very different.

Look at it in relation to edged weapons. Whether attacking or defending, the cat will use its claws to slash and cut to overwhelm and control the opponent before using its teeth to kill.

The claws represent slashes with a blade and the teeth represent stabs. Defending to a spontaneous attack with a knife will almost always start with a slash and then go to a stab.

The bottom line is you have to immediately respond to an attack with a counter attack instead of defense without things like what technique you use, the legal repercussions, and chance of getting hurt clouding your mind.

Your training should bring you to a state of alertness and control that will let you respond and control the attack thus giving you time to choose your next move. This is the foundation of CAT (Counter Attack Theory)

My Counter Attack Techniques are based on body mechanics, the human response to stress, and maximizing the use of the open hand, stick, blade and pistol inside the box.

If you want to learn katas, twirling blades and sticks, and shooting pretty little groups then my program is not for you.

CAT is about street confidence inspired by reality based training providing you the skill set to take the fight to the enemy and prevailing in your world.

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