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ARTICLES - Folder into the Fight
  Article written by George Matheis, founder of the Modern Combatives System.  


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I am in the process of getting my lesson plan together for my Introduction to the Tactical Folder seminar at the Chesapeake Show in DEC. I had considered doing something about fixed blades but decided against it due to fixed blades being generally illegal for CCW here in the Peoples Republic of Maryland.

A lot of time is spent talking about what to do with the folder once you get it out, but deployment techniques are only glanced over. Face it, during a flash attack chances are you will have to perform some sort of an open hand technique to create distance before you can deploy a folder. So now you have distance and reach for the knife.

How close is the attacker now and what is his demeanor? Do you think that under combat stress and with the loss of tactile sensation you would be able to reach down with two or more fingers, draw the folder, positively deploy the blade and come out to the side or up before delivering a cut?

Or do you think that with your eyes focused on the readvancing attacker you will get your hand lost in your pocket, hear clinkity-clink on the ground or only realize half way through the cut that your blade did not deploy?

I know many of us being Emerson Wave fans are thinking this is not an issue with a Waved knife. However this is not the case. You must hit an object (normally your pants pocket) to trip the Wave. Anyone else ever make an ass out of themselves (c'mon just once) showing someone how cool the Wave is and have the blade not deploy? For me I have found that I do this when going too slow.

I teach impact before edged. Not under all circumstances of course. Common sense must be used just like anything else. All knives can be impact weapons but not vice versa. If you are carrying a folder as your primary personal protection hardware I encourage you to try this with a trainer.

With the folder in your pocket and your attacker at seven yards, have them rush you about half a dozen times or so. Three times attempt to draw and deploy your blade as they come at you.

The last three times draw your folder closed into a hammer fist grip with your thumb on top and simulate a strike about the head and shoulders of your attacker. Like painting, reapply as needed.

Folder into the Fight

If he retreats, you just slip the folder back into your pocket. If not, you simply deploy the blade in a traditional manner as you would in any other situation and get to work with it.

My two absolute favorites for this technique are the Emerson CQC 8 and the Benchmade AFCK. Their sleek lines and curves lend themselves to it. I like about 1 to 1.5 inches exposed from the bottom of the fist.

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