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ARTICLES - Are You Training for Personal Protection or to be a Bodyguard?
  Article written by George Matheis, founder of the Modern Combatives System.  


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Most martial arts and combatives training is for defending yourself.

How often are you by yourself?

Most of this stuff is geared toward the warrior on the battlefield or the cop on the street. When we go to planned battle wives, children, the weak and the infirm are left at home on purpose. Since most of us have family and live semi normal lives we have loved ones in toe.

Not being a bodyguard by profession but knowing folks who are and train others I understand that cops can be some of the worst bodyguards. Why? Because we are duty bound to respond to the sound of the guns, which is absolutely the worst thing to do when you are entrusted with the care of another.

For some reason you and your significant other leave a restaurant and just as you walk out you forget your keys. Your car is just outside so she continues to the door while you go back in side. As you exit she is being assaulted buy a bad man and all you can see is his back.

Have you trained to attack someone who is attacking someone else? Have you trained in a system that I do not know of that teaches you to attack people from the rear? If you do a striking system or a weapons only system how will that serve you. Are you trained to effectively break his grasp on you loved one. Do you know how to choke, do you have a flexible weapon close at hand.

After all you don't want to start stabbing him. He has no weapon out yet. Maybe you will accidentally stab her. Now both of his hands are occupied on her. Maybe it is in his mindset that as you yank his left hand off of her he accesses a blade and stabs you.

That is one simple scenario. Think about others where al the courses you have attended by yourself or all you toys may not help you.

As a Dad I care far more for my kids safety than that of my own. My kids and wife know that they walk on my reaction side at 45 degree angle so that I can draw my pistol and shield them. They know to immediately take commands without question and never come to my body if I am injured.

I find myself scanning at even farther distances when I have the family in toe. Again I am a bodyguard. That means seeing things at a distance and having contingency plans. It also means that most of the time to them there protection should be transparent so as not to cause them anxiety.

Give them some simple rules and ideas. Bring up scenarios but understand that in a real life event you will need to grab them by the neck and give commands.

You are a protector. Think, act and train like it.


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