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ARTICLES - Knives I See on the Street - LEO and Security Personnel Awareness
  Article written by George Matheis, founder of the Modern Combatives System.  


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Most of us know that edged weapons are common enough with the criminal element of society. Edged weapons are much more likely to be encountered because of their availability and low or no cost. Some of the edged weapons I see are the low end commonly available street types with screwdrivers and box cutters.

If you work in an industrial setting or local box cutters and screw drivers are tools of the trade and will often not garner a second look from non LEO and security personnel. How ever they can and are deadly when used as a weapon.

The next most common thing I see is steak knives either taken from home or restaurants. Another growing source for low end edged weapons is the large amounts of cheap one hand opening and fixed bladed combat type knives for sale at dollar stores and on line.

This means that you can expect more and more often to encounter persons armed with edged tools along with the fact that penalties for possession and committing crimes with an edged tool as opposed to a firearm are generally less severe and the bad guys know it.

More and more I find people carrying more than one knife. I often find one in each hip pocket or hidden on another part of their person. The bad guys are not carrying theses weapons solely to use against police but also for self protection against enemies, competition, and other threats real or perceived (See below)

Then there are people who for one reason or another live in what is considered a bad area who carry these edged tools for self protection against the same bad guys we are looking for/at but who may come into contact with us.

Last year I arrested a guy who had several warrants. When I took him back to booking to strip him I discovered that he carried a cheap 2-inch folder under his foot and inside his sock. He said it was not to use on the police but for other people that he may encounter in a holding cell.

While on patrol recently doing some traffic stops I stopped a Bronco with husband and wife occupants in a known drug area. A K-9 scan was conducted with a positive alert so we got them out. The male had a cheap spring assisted opening in his front right pocket. He also had a cheap fixed blade dive/fantasy knife in a kydex sheath around his neck.

That was the first time that I have ever seen that in the street. He said it was for protection since he lived in a bad area. I reminded him that he probably also had to go to bad areas to buy his crack. The fixed blade was confiscated.

Just remember that edged weapons are out their and that it's not the cost or the manufacture that make them deadly. It is the person holding them and our complacency.

“You can't tap out on the street.”


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