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ARTICLES - Individual Protection Program
  Article written by George Matheis, founder of the Modern Combatives System.  


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Many people, especially those here in the gun loving United States take for granted that everyone can be armed with a firearm. They forget about people in anti-gun states, countries and not to mention non-permissive environments like government buildings and transportation hubs like airports.

Individuals who solely rely on firearms for protection seem to also subconsciously think of their firearm as their “secret move” that they will use against any evildoers. Truth be known carrying firearms without training is likely to find you drawing it too early, too late, or not at all.

Your IPP or Individual Protection Program should first start with who you are mentally and physically, where you live, what you do for a living, whether you usually travel alone or with someone else and how you travel. That will give you a better idea of where to start the first layer of your defense.

If you were thinking about starting with OC Spray but every morning you have to take your asthmatic child to and from day care before going to work in a government building then OC is not a good choice for you. Regardless of my dislike of OC.

I encourage people to first start off with open hand skills. This with the understanding that many do not have the time or inclination to start studying Martial Arts. That is why in Modern Combatives we start off with Combative Anatomy to learn how to best effect the human body and then use simple, violent, easy to remember techniques. You also have to base your open hand skill sets on techniques that limit your exposeure to injury.

In Martial Arts you go back and forth with a training partner. I want you to think of Combatives as wrapping a plastic bag around the face of your attacker, thus totally overwhelming him both mentally and physically. Once you commit you don't stop until they are incapable of fighting or following you. They decide what level of force you need to accomplish that.

The next level is choosing your tools. The primary defensive tools you carry everyday should be things that you can always carry no matter where work, travel and live. That rules out things like guns, knives, saps etc. Don't get a sad face, they can be added depending on your daily needs.

Your primary tools are going to be pens and flashlights. The most basic tools and training you possess are your hands to hit somebody with. So the first logical thing is to add weight and concentration of force into your hands to make those strikes more effective.

Your next level of tools will be your situational tools like guns, knives, saps, and sticks. These are the tools that you can carry at different times. Arm yourself with a pistol whenever possible. Same goes with a fixed blade knife. You must also choose a primary defensive folder. That should be the first tool you slip in your pocket when you can add to your primary defensive tools.

In my opinion the best weapon for an individual to use especially against multiple people who are walking towards them but have not yet displayed any threatening behavior is some kind of a stick. I carry a Kali stick next to my car seat for just this reason. If that is not legal for you think about a nice long heavy-duty plastic ice scraper or whatever you can come up with.

A stick is also useful against “dogs” while running or walking. As soon as you notice someone is coming for you use a verbal challenge. If I was getting gas in a bad area and someone was making a b-line for me I would not hesitate to say, “back the fuck up”. A blast from a Surefire along with the warning adds to its effectiveness. They may also believe that like is attached to a pistol.

Whether or not you have a weapon in your hand or not and they continue, understand that you are now being attacked and need to defend yourself. In legal circles that is called deliberate indifference.

If it is a group coming up to you then counter attack the one closest to you or the one doing the talking since he is the leader and without him the others are more likely to disperse.

A stick gives you a less lethal force option while at the same time keeps you from over committing to one person allowing others to flank you. It is a lot harder to cut or stab three people around you than it is to strike them with a stick.

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