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ARTICLES - Which Knives Work Best with the Mercharness
  Article written by George Matheis, founder of the Modern Combatives System.  


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This is probably one of the most common questions I get, so here it goes. The idea of the Mercharness is to be able to carry a proper knife even when you do not have a belt on to support a sheath. What does a proper knife mean for personal protection?

To me first and foremost it means the knife needs to be carriable in the majority of circumstances no matter the wardrobe or environment. Of the years those guidelines have produced the following common traits for knives to be carried on the mercharness-

- The knives are relatively flat and light
- They have blades from 3.5 to 5 inches
- They come with or are equipped with aftermarket with a quality kydex deployment sheath

Here we have some of my favorites. (from top to bottom)

Which Knives Work Best with the Mercharness

- Polkowski Polecat
- Krein TK8
- Spyderco Lum Tanto
- CRKT Polkowski Kasper Companion
- Bud Nealy Pesh Kabz

Al Polkowski and Bud Nealy knives probably account for more knives carried concealed by professionals than any other five custom makers combined. The fact that there median price for knives is around $300 makes them some of the best buys in the custom knife market.

Not to mention both of them are fine men as well and a pleasure to deal with. Both makers also provide excellent deployment sheaths, which is too often overlooked by other makers who just ensure they provide a sheath that will carry a the knife without a concern for deployment.

Tom Krein makes several awesome models but the TK8 seems to be the center piece for which Tom is best known. The fact that TK8 is a textbook example of form follows function. Tom also does his own kydex and does it right.

The CRKT Polkowski Kasper Companion is no longer made, if you can find them get as many as you can now. The original sheath was a rattle trap thus immediate enlistment of Phil Smith, River City Sheaths or On Scene Tactical for some new skin is a no brainer.

The Spyderco Lum fixed blade is another great find since they are also no longer made. The original sheath was a pouch type made of leather with seemed an after thought that had little to do with the role of the knife. Again custom kydex is in order.
These along with the Polkowski Bodyguard (not pictured) are all fine examples of what kind of knives I have carried comfortably and should allow you to get the most versatility out of your mercharness.
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