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ARTICLES - MCS Doctrine as it Relates to Appendix Carry
  Article written by George Matheis, founder of the Modern Combatives System.  


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    It is important to be familiar with MCS' overall doctrine when it comes to combatives in order to realize the reason for appendix carry and the MCS ACR holster.

MCS concerns itself with open hand, impact, edged weapons and firearms within seven yards in any environment. The physical basis of MCS begins with open hand combatives. We do not teach a specific ready position but rather what is naturally a comfortable default position.

The hands are most swinging from the pocket seams up to about the mid torso. Picture swinging your hand up and down / in and out in this position like you were snapping your fingers. From this repetitive path of motion is where we work. It only makes good sense to have our tools positioned in this path. Making this motion forms a stable triangle from the base (your pocket seam) to the peak (your chest)

MCS is concerned with continuity of training from open hand-impact-edged weapons-firearms. What I mean but that is we know that you will always have your open hands and usually at least in improvised impact weapon, then depending on your situation an edged weapon or pistol.

When you train to access, deploy and use your edged weapons and pistol within the same triangle you use for open hand combatives two things happen, one you become faster, and two your transition between physical and mechanical force becomes seamless. This builds confidence and reliability. This is where the appendix carry and the specifically the Appendix Carry Rig comes in.

In MCS the pistol is not our talisman, not our tactical woobie. It is simply another mechanical force option that is also a deadly force option. We don't believe in gunfights. Only fights that may involve gun fire. Through training in the other levels of physical and mechanical force we try to avoid the typical default of the hand to the gun under any stress.

You don't pick up a Phillips or regular screwdriver before seeing what type of screw you need to use it on. Pistol craft is nothing more than another skills set. Made more important only by it's liability because of increased range. We don't believe that you are unarmed by not having one. But if you are in a position of being able to carry we endorse the appendix carry.

Not only does the appendix carry position the pistol inside the triangle, but it lends itself to being drawn not matter if you find yourself standing, crouching, on your back, on your stomach or on your sides. Why? Because to recover from any of these positions your hands are going to move past the appendix position, not to behind your hip, small of the back, ankle or whatever.

Another place the position shines is while seated behind the wheel of a car. Traditional holster placement puts your pistol under a concealment garment, secured over with a seatbelt. Slow at best. Where do your hands lay while seated? In your lap, right where your pistol is.

Through working with Raven Concealment along with the input of other great minds in the combative (not just gun fighting) industry we have been able to produce the Appendix Carry Rig, not just a holster.

The difference? A rig means just that, a platform that can be used with or without the use of additional mounting accessories to "rig" the holster to accommodate the broadest range of users ever imaginable.

If you view your pistol as just another option in your overall personal protection plan then the ACR is for you. If you view your pistol as a hammer and everything looks like a nail, then by all means, carry your hammer in whatever way makes you fell good.
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