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BAG OF EVIL - Professional Operators Kit
  The Bag of Evil, a phrase coined by two of my brothers from the NYPD, will feature gear, guns and knives that have made their way into my BOE.  


Professional Operators Kit
Al Polkowski Polecat
Philthy's Sidewinder La Griffe Sheath
Alpha Innovations Kubaton
Alpha Innovations Jaw Jacker
Foster Brothers Saps and Jacks
Sharkee Training Knives
Al Mar SERE 2000 as Utility Folder
Todd Foster Coin Sap
Rick Hinderer Modular Kubaton
Al Polkowski Bodyguard
Alpha Innovations Tactical Dog Leash
SO Tech Go Bag
Boker Subclaw
Raven Concealment Holster
Wilderness Frequent Flyer Belt
BladeTech Vellekamp Profili
Wilderness Titanium Intructors Belt
SO Tech Mission Go Bag
Alpha Innovations Stylus
Alan Folts Titanium Chopstix
Gerber Artifact

For some time I have been hearing the buzz about the Professional Operators Kit.

While at the SHOT Show I had the privilege to meet my long time internet buddy Sean Fetters and his business partner Bruce the two masterminds behind this “why didn't I think of that” piece of gear.

Professional Operators Kit   Professional Operators Kit

Essentially the Professional Operators Kit is a chest rig covered with MOLLE webbing and is work with an infinitely adjustable X harness that distributes the weight of the rig and it's contents across your shoulders without pulling down causing you to go “ruck numb”.

Upon first look the POK appeared to me to look like a large medical pouch but then you open it up and the possibilities begin to run through your head. Inside the POK is a simple adjustable holster that will fit just about any handgun.

I would like to note at this point that for adjusting the Velcro I found it handy to shove a ruler in the slots to the Velcro could move freely until it was where I wanted it. The holster is on a Velcro disk that allows for even more position options.

Also included is a double mag pouch that adjusts in the same way. As you can see in the pictures this was the obvious way for me to set the POK up.

The front flap can fold either all the way down giving access to every thing in the kits many pockets and loops. Or it can fold half way down exposing the heavy vinyl ID window and the top of the gear in the loops. This is accomplished by two stop tabs/buttons that are sewn half way down. The front flap also has three flat pockets including the ID window. These map/paperwork pockets would come in real handy.

My first thought for using the POK would be as my Active Shooter Kit. If I am in need responding rapidly to a dynamic situation like that I can't think of a faster way to grab my first line gear than to throw the POK on over my body armor. There is even a spot in the rear of the POK to insert a large shock plate.

Professional Operators Kit   Professional Operators Kit

The nice thing is that if you have a spare pistol, mine being the Glock 23 pictured you could place it, two mags, a knife, Surefire, ID and whatever else you desire to create a second set of 1 st line gear. As we know in this business one is none and two is one. On those days when your EDC is a little lighter than normal due to circumstances or dress you don't have to be left vulnerable.

This POK was made for convoy ops going on in the desert. Try as I might I can not figure out a better way to carry and access essential gear while in a seated position. And at the same time having all your administrative gear handy.

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