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BAG OF EVIL - BladeTech Vellekamp Profili
  The Bag of Evil, a phrase coined by two of my brothers from the NYPD, will feature gear, guns and knives that have made their way into my BOE.  


Professional Operators Kit
Al Polkowski Polecat
Philthy's Sidewinder La Griffe Sheath
Alpha Innovations Kubaton
Alpha Innovations Jaw Jacker
Foster Brothers Saps and Jacks
Sharkee Training Knives
Al Mar SERE 2000 as Utility Folder
Todd Foster Coin Sap
Rick Hinderer Modular Kubaton
Al Polkowski Bodyguard
Alpha Innovations Tactical Dog Leash
SO Tech Go Bag
Boker Subclaw
Raven Concealment Holster
Wilderness Frequent Flyer Belt
BladeTech Vellekamp Profili
Wilderness Titanium Intructors Belt
SO Tech Mission Go Bag
Alpha Innovations Stylus
Alan Folts Titanium Chopstix
Gerber Artifact

As I was walking through SHOT 08' with my buddy Duke I commented to him how even in a place as huge as SHOT I usually see about half a dozen new thinks that I rank above “hey that is kinda cool”.

Even more so when it comes to knives. I don't really collect and I am not loyal to the newest knives of any specific maker. But every once in a while I run across a knife that I just cannot do without.

This was the case when we swung by Blade Tech booth and spoke to Mikey Vellekamp and he showed us his new Profili fixed blade and folder. It was the fixed blade that caught my attention.

BladeTech Vellekamp Profili

Seldom do you see a blade with lots of recurved belly that is just as well designed as a stabber. Mikey managed that. As you can see in the pictures the Profili blade has some wicked flowing curves with the tip of the blade in the exact center of the blade presenting it's tip like a dagger

After being so attracted to the blade I was kind of discouraged when I looked at the handles and saw the scalloped finger grooves.

Much like Bill Jordan in his groundbreaking book No Second Place winner when he spoke about not liking any kind of finger grooves on the grips of a fighting revolver, I feel the same about fighting knives. In this instance I was wrong.

I picked up the Profili to begin the fondling process and was astonished that it fit so well in my hand using the forward grip. What I liked even more was the two positions for your thumb to ride in not only the saber grip and the modified Philipino grip.

Of course the next logical thing to do was to roll it around into the reverse grip. Again I found myself in disbelief when it was just as comfortable as the forward grip.

BladeTech Vellekamp Profili

Before long Mikey finally got tired of watching a grown man beg and agreed that I could take one home at the end of the show.

Unless I am mistaken it was one of five total in the US including fixed and folders. Of course since Mikey works for Blade Tech the sheath is well… clean and functional. The sheath also has Blade Tech's patented “why didn't I think of that” MOLLE sheath adaptors.

The Profili is being manufactured in Italy by Fox and will be distributed in the US by Blade Tech.

All the above attractiveness of the Profili along with the fact that it's 4-inch blade is perfect for me since I prefer a 4-5 inch blade for CCW.

Mikey will need to do a lot of work to top the Profili with his next design, but somehow I think he is up to the challenge.

BladeTech Vellekamp Profili

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