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BAG OF EVIL - SO Tech Mission Go Bag
  The Bag of Evil, a phrase coined by two of my brothers from the NYPD, will feature gear, guns and knives that have made their way into my BOE.  


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SO Tech Mission Go Bag
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One of the last reviews I did before SHOT 08' was the SoTech Go Bag, so I wanted to make sure to stop by the SO Tech booth at SHOT to see if they had seen it.

After making contact with SO Tech owner Jim Cragg who I have known for about five years after meeting him at a Trexpo East, he told me that he had not seen it yet but was very interested in it.

During out conversation Jim showed me the Mission Go Bag. At first I was not overwhelmed. Just looked like another sling bag. But after picking one up I have to say that it is a great bag that is full of options without trying to be the be all end all, since we all know there is no perfect Bag of Evil, and realize it is all about the pursuit of the “perfect” bag.

SO Tech Mission Go Bag

Upon receiving the MGB the first two things I noticed was the wide shoulder strap that is affixed with two fasttex buckles and how soft and pliable the bag was out of the box. The shoulder strap as you can see in the pictures is different than most. Its attachment is at the rear of the bag at a natural angle allowing it to be worn on one shoulder, bandoleer style and with two snaps converted to a belly/fanny pack riding below tactical vests.

The rear of the bag has webbing for MOLLE attachment to use the MGB as a sub-load or with the use of provided male fastex buckles on webbing (not pictured) you could mount the MGB anywhere as a grab and go bag for mission specific needsclip.

SO Tech Mission Go Bag

Something else that is interesting about the rear of the bag is a patch of non-skid material that keeps the bag in position when slung. When weapon handling this is great since the bag stays put and out of the way until it is needed.

Near the bottom of the bag are two loops for storing snivel gear like a pull over or poncho.

The front of the bag has two rows of PALS webbing on the front pocket. The front pocket has a sewn in place piece of soft Velcro for attaching specialized panels of first aid gear, tools, etc. The fact that the panel is only sewn on the sides provides even more storage for flat items.

SO Tech Mission Go Bag

The main compartment of the bag is high lighted by four draw string pockets constructed of nylon that is even more pliable than the Cordura body. These pockets accept 1020 and 1030 Pelican Micro Cases like they were made for them.

The 1020 carries my sunglasses and the 1030 is for my camera. The remaining pockets carry my admin stuff like calendar, notebook and pens, and a possible bag with batteries, light sticks and a sundry of other items.

SO Tech Mission Go Bag

The pockets are not sewn to the bottom of the bag, which allows storage under them for flat items. This is where my Becker Tac Tool, Mechanix Gloves and Zip Ties have been riding. At the rear of the bag is a flat open pocket that to me is tailor made for a pistol. This is where I carry my Taurus Model 85 UL or Glock 19.

One suggestion here for SO Tech would be to take advantage of all the panels made for tactical clothing and bags and line the entire back of this pocket with soft Velcro to accept holsters etc. On the bottom of the pain compartment there is a piece of webbing with a loop to attach a roll of tape.

Even with all this stuff loaded there is still plenty of room between the pockets to carry more stuff. I am able to take my Nalgene bottle with Camelbak lid, slip it in-between the pockets and zipper the bag with no problems.

The “wings” of the bag where the shoulder straps attach are also equipped with fastex cinch straps to allow you to adjust the bag to secure contents as needed.

SO Tech Mission Go Bag

MGB features thing briefcase type handles that Velcro together. This has three things going for it. One it allows you to carry the bag like a briefcase. Two, because the Velcro, you can stick them together when working out of the bag with the main compartment open without things spilling over if it falls. Three, again by using the Velcro, you can put something like a light jacket on top of the bag and it stays put.

Also on the outside of the bag is a generous amount of soft Velcro for attaching assorted cool guy patches in addition to content identification.

SO Tech Mission Go Bag

The MGB is currently serving as the Bag of Evil with the Go Bag being moved to a grab and go trunk bag for Zombie killing missions.

At $79.00 there are many more expensive bags out there, which provide a lot less. I dig SoTech gear, the staff that I have met and am pleased to say that all their gear is made here in the USA. Give them a look.

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