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BAG OF EVIL - Philthy's Sidewinder La Griffe Sheath
  The Bag of Evil, a phrase coined by two of my brothers from the NYPD, will feature gear, guns and knives that have made their way into my BOE.  


Professional Operators Kit
Al Polkowski Polecat
Philthy's Sidewinder La Griffe Sheath
Alpha Innovations Kubaton
Alpha Innovations Jaw Jacker
Foster Brothers Saps and Jacks
Sharkee Training Knives
Al Mar SERE 2000 as Utility Folder
Todd Foster Coin Sap
Rick Hinderer Modular Kubaton
Al Polkowski Bodyguard
Alpha Innovations Tactical Dog Leash
SO Tech Go Bag
Boker Subclaw
Raven Concealment Holster
Wilderness Frequent Flyer Belt
BladeTech Vellekamp Profili
Wilderness Titanium Intructors Belt
SO Tech Mission Go Bag
Alpha Innovations Stylus
Alan Folts Titanium Chopstix
Gerber Artifact

One of my biggest shortcomings is that besides messing with parachute cord I cannot do a damn thing with my hands. The biggest part of this problem is that I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head from knives to sticks to sheaths.

Anyone who spends any time in the various knife forums or has attended an MCS course knows that Phil Smith AKA Philthy is my right hand man from professional Uke to gear Sherpa. Even though I verbally and physically abuse Phil it is all done out of love. He has got to be one of the most diversely talented people I have ever met.

About three years ago Phil decided he wanted to start making knives. And what do all knives need? Sheaths of course. Again having no talent but lots of ideas I have had him making new skins for all kinds of stuff. A common myth about kydex is that it is easy to work with and there is nothing to it.

Well I can assure you that judging from some of Phil's early work that is not the case. Being OCD not unlike myself Phil stuck with it and sometimes I swear that some of his kydex work was done by machine.

The one thing I can vouch for about Phil's kydex is that they are deployment sheaths, not just carry sheaths. To know how to build a deployment sheath you would first have to have a background that would provide you the knowledge of how a knife needs to be deployed. That knowledge cannot be faked or bought. Phil has that knowledge.

MCS students leave with a laundry list of items that are recommended by staff. At the top of this list, when it comes to knives, is the Emerson La Griffe. In our opinion if you are interested in carrying edged weapons for personal protection this is the one you should never be without.

The La Griffe, like the majority of knives, comes with one sheath. Unlike the majority of knives the only thing that limits your carry and deployment options for the La Griffe is your ingenuity and imagination. What we recommend for any knife that you plan on using for EDC or Every Day Carry is the Professional Carry Option.

Simply that you provide yourself with three carry options for your knife. The first is the way that you dress most often. The second for the way you dress the most compared to your daily attire. The third one for special occasions such as outdoor sports for formal situations.

The PCO concept for the La Griffe resulted in Phil and I collaborating on his sheath I named the
Sidewinder. The belt channel on the Sidewinder is custom fit for belt ranging from the rigger type to thin dress belts. Due to the construction of the Sidewinder there is no wiggle or play between the sheath and belt and this eliminates any “wobble” and guarantees that the La Griffe is always in the same spot providing a stable platform for rapid deployment.

Sidewinder sheath positions the La Griffe anywhere on your belt however the CQCG advocates that all tools for dealing with people be carried between the pant seams to the front.

My preferred location for the
Sidewinder is up against the strong side seam. The motion to draw the La Griffe from this position mimics that of the motion of retrieving your wallet. It is also the same location you will find your hand releasing your seatbelt if you are in the drivers seat and happen to be right handed. Interesting surprise for a car jacker pulling you from your vehicle.

Another position is the cross draw as pictured below.

Philthy’s Sidewinder La Griffe Sheath   Philthy’s Sidewinder La Griffe Sheath   Philthy’s Sidewinder La Griffe Sheath

To quote Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths and proponent of the MCS and friend to the CQCG “there are a lot more good knife makers than there are sheath makers”. Phil often complains that he is busy making knives and everyone wants sheaths. My reply is that his sheaths will lead people to his knives. Also look forward to a review of Phil's Thumbnail Knife here in the Bag of Evil.

If you need kydex Phil can be reached at We have a huge inventory of production fixed and folders. Others may require you to send your knife to Phil.

Not to be a spoiler but also stay tuned for the Sidewinder for the Benchmade 40 Series Balisong and other popular tactical folders.

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