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  Press statements from Modern Combative Systems and MCS' appearances in other media.  
Modern Combative Systems new Adjunct Instructor
Modern Combative Systems is proud to announce that Chas Billera of Zanshin Lair has been named as a an Adjunct Edged Weapons Instructor in the Modern Combative System.
Inverted Edged Tactics DVD by George Matheis - Review by Terry Trahan
George sent me his Inverted Edged Tactics DVD at my request for review, and I requested it for one main reason. Of course, I will say whether or not this is a good instructional, but I wanted to see for myself if the claims that this was a rip off of the Reverse Edge tactics that I have been affiliated with, and teaching, for several years. After watching it a few times, and being very familiar with all the material involved, I can say without reservation that it is not Reverse Edge methodology. It will work as an adjunct to FGEU bladework, but is significantly different.
Learn about the Professional Carry Option
The reasoning behind taking your time in the selection your EDC tools is so that you don't end up wasting time and money on things that you will not carry. Once you have chosen a fixed blade to carry the next logical step is to figure out how to carry it no matter the environment you find yourself in. My solution to this is what I call the Professional Carry Option or hereafter refereed to as the PCO.
MCS' Demo at the New York Knife Show
Pictures of the Modern combative Systems' Demo at the New York Custom Knife Show on 18-20 NOV 2007.
Evolution of this website and a big "thank you!"
This website will not longer serve as my personal site but instead the home of my company Modern Combative Systems.
Mercharness and interview with George Matheis in the August 2007 issue of Blade Magazine
Please check out the article on Cool Carry Options by Dave Rhea on page 134. The story includes a review on the Mercharness and select comments by George Matheis on its evolution. Please visit
CRKT to feature George Matheis
George Matheis' small biography presented on CRKT's website.
VA November Seminars would like to thank Gary Mah from the Ramada Inn in Virginia Beach for making VA Beach the permanent home of Modern Combative Systems' Southern Seminar which will be held every November.
Mercharness featured in Thrust Magazine
The Mercharness was recently featured in
Thrust Magazine. would like to thank Noah Walt for his consideration and kind words.
CRKT to produce the Mercharness
Just prior to the Blade Show '06 a deal was sealed between George Matheis and
Columbia River Knife and Tool giving CRKT the exclusive rights to produce the Mercharness. Look for it to appear in CRKT's next catalog. Custom Mercharnesses will continue to be available at shows and seminars.
Mark Terrell Martial Intent (MI) Knife
Once again George Matheis has joined forces with with
Mark Terrell Knives to produce the Martial Intent Knife or MI. The MI to be released in DEC '06 was developed to be a fixed blade specifically designed to be carried by individuals who place themselves in harms way and are limited to carrying a blade for Close Quarter Combat.
The MI will come with two sheaths, one for attaching a Tactical Tether for IWB carry and one for a Mercharness. More details to be revealed soon.
Mercharness featured in Concealed Carry Magazine
The Mercharness was recently featured in the JUL '06 issue of Concealed Carry Magazine along with
Tom Krein's TK8 in an article on page 12 by Charles Ellis reviewing James Keating's Drawpoint Method Video Review. would like to thank Charles Ellis for his consideration and kind words.
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